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Kaittens are graceful feline creatures with enhanced intelligence. They are also somewhat awkward in front of a camera, and exceedingly mysterious.

KAIttens have an ardent interest in Floriculture and Horticulture

KAIttens is a premium NFT collection like no other. Each KAItten has been individually crafted using several tools.

Unlike the vast majority of NFT projects, this is not layered artwork. Each KAItten is unique.

A KAItten costs 0.003 ETH and there are 4,056 KAIttens in all. Royalties are set at 8.5%

Advantages of Holding KAIttens:

Receive Discounts in our eCommerce Store

Receive our project’s custom token, which has its own benefits

Receive subsequent NFT collections at a discount

KAIttens ready for Adoption

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